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Welcome to lecture note page of Exploration Drilling and Blasting. I teach Exploration Drilling and Blasting in MSc Engineering Geology 2nd semester at Central Department of Geology, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. You can download pdf files of lecture notes and presentations of class lectures from this page. Assignments are also given in the end of the lecture notes. Click the links below to download lecture notes.

Class days: Every week Monday 

Time: 07.30 - 09.30 AM

Main text and reference books:

  1. Textbooks

    Das, S.K. (1993). Explosives and Blasting Practices in Mines. Lovely Prakashan, Dhanbad.

    Pradhan, G.K. (1996). Explosives and Blasting Techniques. Minetech Publications.

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  2. Reference Books

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Principles of Drilling.  Principles of rock drilling, drillability, drillability index, factors affecting the drillability, Approaches of drilling, drilling application, drilling and sampling in rocks, drilling tools, drilling process, drilling and sampling in soils, daily drilling records, probe drilling.   

5 hours

Drill Bits.  Various types of drill bits and their design aspects. Study of bit life, factors affecting the bit life. Introduction to drilling methods: Rotary, Rotary percussion, percussion, auger drillings.

4 hours

Explosives.  Historical Development, properties of explosives, Low and High explosives.               

3 hours

Firing of Explosives.  Safety fuses, Detonating cord and accessories, Detonators, Exploders. Electric firing and non-electric firing, Electronic Detonators.                     

3 hours

Blasting Methods.  Preparation of charge, stemming and shot firing. Choice and economical use of explosives.

2 hours

Handling of Explosives.  Surface and underground transport of explosives, bulk transport in quarries. Storage and handling of Explosives. Magazines, Accidents due to explosives. Precautions and safety measures during transportation.

5 hours

Mechanics of Blasting.  Factors affecting rock breakage, Crater theory and its applications, theories of rock breakage using explosives.

4 hours

Effects of Vibration.  Vibrations due to blasting and damage criteria, controlled blasting methods, design of blasting rounds, Air overpressure and Fly Rock.

4 hours

Lecture notes, homework and presentations, links will appear to click after lecture day.

  1. Lecture 1- Introduction, pdf of Class ppt: click here 

Home work Paper: Click here. You should submit Homework of this lecture on next class. Please check last slide of the presentation.

       2. Lecture 2-  Drilling methods, pdf of class ppt: click here

       3. Lecture 3 - Soil and rock exploration and drill bits, pdf of class ppt: click here.