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Welcome to lecture note page of Soil Mechanics Practical. I teach Soil Mechanics  in MSc Engineering Geology 2nd semester at Central Department of Geology, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. You can download pdf files of Practical materials of class lectures from this page. Click the links below to download practical notes.

Class days: Thursday

Time: 10.00

Main text and reference books:


    Sivakugan N., Arulrajah A., Bo M.W. (2011), Laboratory testing of soils, rocks, and aggregates, J. Ross Publishing, USA, 624p.

    Das B.M. (2015) Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual, Oxford University Press, USA, 336p


    ASTM: "1985 Annual Book of ASTM Standards", Volume 04.08: Soil and Rock; Building Stones. Published by ASTM in 1986.

    British Standard 812: part 3:1975; Methods for testing aggregates, part 3 methods for determination of mechanical properties. Published by British Standards Institution, 1975.


Lab 1: Determination of water content of a sample by oven-drying method.

Lab 2: Determination of specific gravity of solids by a) the density bottle method, and b) pycnometer method

Lab 3: Determination of dry density of the soil by a) core cutter method, and b)  water-displacement method

Lab 4: Determination of particle size distribution of a soil by sieving, particle size distribution of a soil by hydrometer method

Lab 5: Determination of liquid limit and plastic limit of a soil specimen, shrinkage limit of a specimen of the remoulded soil

Lab 6: Determination of permeability of soil by a) constant-head permeameter, and b)  the variable head permeameter

Lab 7: Consolidation test of various soil specimens

Lab 8: Unconfined compressive strength of a cohesive soil

Lab 9: Strength, cohesion and friction using Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria, from direct shear test and triaxial testing of soils

Lab 10: Compaction characteristic of a soil specimen by Proctor’s test

Lab 11: California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of a soil specimen 


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