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This page provides pdf of structural geology lecture notes and class presentations to the MSc in Engineering Geology students. Click the title below to download lecture notes.

Class days: Every week Monday and Tuesday

Time: 8.30-9.30 Tuesday


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Lecture notes, homeworks and presentations, links will appear to click after lecture day.

  1. Lecture 1- Tectonics 1, pdf of Class ppt: click here 
  2. Lecture 2 - Tectonics 2, pdf of Class ppt: click here
  3. Lecture 3 - Stereographic Projection, ppt: click here
  4. Lecture 4 - Stress 1, pdf of class ppt: click here
  5. Lecture 5 - Stress 2, pdf of class ppt: click here
  6. Lecture 6 - Stress 3, pdf of class ppt: click here
  7. Lecture 7 - Faulting and thrusting, pdf of class ppt: click here
  8. Lecture 8 - Strain, ppt click here
  9. Lecture 9 - Engineering Geology of Nepal, class ppt, click here

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