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Welcome to lecture note page of Urban Geology. I teach Urban Geology to MSc Geology fourth semester at Central Department of Geology, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. You can download pdf files of lecture notes and presentations of urban geology from this page. Assignments are also given in the end of the lecture notes. Click the links below to download lecture notes.

Class days: Every week Monday 

Time: 13.15 - 15.30.

Main text and reference books:

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Lecture notes, homework and presentations, links will appear to click after lecture day.

1. Lecture 1- Introduction to the Course and Introduction to the Urban Geology, pdf of Class ppt: click here

2. Lecture 2 - Hypotheses and Concepts, pdf of Class ppt: click here

3. Lecture 3 - Risk profilespdf of Class ppt: click here

4. Lecture 4 - Geoheritagepdf of Class ppt: click here

5. Lecture 5 - Geoparkspdf of Class ppt: click here