Geology for Technical Students

Environmental Science, Civil Engineering, Forestry and Earth Hazard

I have published a book entitled "Geology for Technical Students". It has total 756 pages. This book is intended to cover syllabus of Geology in Environmental Science (B.Sc.) course of Tribhuvan University. It will cover many course materials of Geology in Civil Engineering, Forestry and Earth Hazard courses of Tribhuvan University in Bachelor Level. This book not only covers geology courses of various technical degrees of the Tribhuvan University, but also covers geology courses of many bachelors and masters degrees (in Environmental Science, Civil Engineering, Natural Resource Management etc.) of other universities of Nepal, such as Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Poorwanchal University. I believe that almost all Nepali students of science and technology, engineering and forestry will be greatly benefited from this book.

This book is a total outcome of my experience of insufficiency of materials and required course materials as per the syllabus of our universities which I have been facing whether as a student or as a lecturer throughout my college and university period.

The aim of this book is to set forth, in the simplest possible way, some of the subtle questions of geology to be answered and to attain access for its systematic study and to set up its principles to the targeted students of Bachelor Level.

Despite the large and ever increasing number of books of geology by foreign writers; they can't cover the demand of Nepali students of technical subjects especially environmental science, earth hazard, forestry, civil engineering and environmental management because of their scattered topics and patterns in different books as well as their lack of specialized focus on geological science in Nepalese context. Therefore, there is always lack of sufficient supply among the students to find a single book according to their syllabus as reference materials.

Thus, I was inspired to write this book as a long and continuous effort to fulfill some gaps for students of technical subjects like environmental science and civil engineering. This book also introduces the ideas and practice of earth science to the students from a variety of technical backgrounds. Many of the illustrations discussed in this book deal with the integration of geology in civil engineering and other technical discipline. The book also introduces the reader to some basic ideas of earth hazard and low cost mitigation measures.

The field of geology is diverse, and this book makes no attempt to cover the field as a whole. For example, details about theoretical geology are not emphasized in this book, but general descriptions of such topics are provided. Rock and minerals are discussed briefly as per the syllabus of various technical courses of universities. The emphasis of the book is to make geology familiar between the technical students and professionals of Nepal. By this book, they can deal with basic practical problems associated with the Himalayan Geology.

One of the problems in writing a book of this type is that it is difficult to be specific without using the language and terminology of geology. Thus, as far as practical, I have written the book in a generic form with simple International English Language.

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